Features of creating septic tanks for a country house.

Each person wants to provide comfort and comfort not only in the city dwelling, but also on his own suburban area. It is in such cases that the owners of houses and cottages, if there is no way to withdraw drains to the centralized sewer system, acquire and install local treatment facilities – septic tanks.

Regardless of the septic tank manufacturing country, the principle of wastewater treatment is similar in all models-only biological oxidation is carried out, that is, chemical reagents are not used for health and environmental. All local treatment facilities provided on the market are divided into two groups: tanks-drives and equipment for biological cleaning of water, for example, as a septic tank poplar and septic tank unylosa.

The drives are used for the temporary output of sewage sewers, then the liquid is pumped out by the assignization machine. Septic containers are installed when the volume of all the drains from the house is not large (small number of inhabitants, the absence of a bath). Among the advantages of containers, it is necessary to distinguish the affordable cost of equipment and ease of installation, but a significant drawback is the need for regular emptying.

The main task of the local treatment plant is the separation of incoming effluents from foreign components, already purified water comes out. The resulting sediment consists of pollutants, it is removed about 1-2 times a year. Among the cleaning systems, septic tanks based on soil filtration and septic tanks using biological purification are distinguished.

When using the soil filtration method, wastewater is initially moved along the septic tank chambers, separated by partitions. Insoluble fractions gradually settle to the bottom, anaerobic bacteria cause their fermentation and decomposition. A special overflow device prevents the movement from the camera into the bottom of the bottom sediment of emerging particles. Four -free drains when exiting cameras are cleaned by 65%. Next, the natural possibility of soil to self -cleaning comes into effect. Equal portions of drains are evenly distributed over the entire surface of the soil filtration site. Soil aerobic bacteria eat and decompose organics.

Deep biological purification is carried out in monoblock systems: for example, both in the septic tank of Triton, in which both aerobic and anaerobic processes interact. The conditions create conditions in the general parameters similar to soil filtration systems. As a result of compulsory aeration, all organic compounds decrease, drains are cleared by 98%. The bacteria in the septic tank eliminate the smell, dilute the bottom sediment, prevent the formation of blockages in pipelines.