Epidemic of Chinese doors: can you buy

To guarantee safety and comfort of life in the room, be sure to pay attention to the doors. Home doors are as important as water for humans.

Therefore, you should get a good quality doors to always be calm for yourself and your property, and buy mesh filters to always drink clean water. Only this is not limited.

Practice has shown that ordinary valves, although they quite strongly increase the safety of the room, still cannot always provide it at a really high level. Everything depends on the door installed in your apartment.

Can Chinese doors be called safe?

Alas, many people acquire precisely cheap Chinese models of metal doors, believing that if they are made of metal, then it will not be easy to open them at all. In fact, an ordinary screwdriver is enough to cope with the locking mechanism. Professionals say that many attackers already know about the weaknesses of such structures. The fact is that the screwdriver pierces the canvas of the Chinese door in certain places. One of the most vulnerable places is a little lower than the door handle. It remains only to pick up the dog’s dog, and that’s it, thieves inside the housing!

Even if you install a very serious lock, provided that it will not be enough. The attackers have recently become so insolent that they began to cut the locks with an ordinary knife. A day in a more or less large city, several dozen such cases of hacking are recorded, and the only option for getting rid of the problem is to purchase good doors.

The problem is that there are few structures, and sellers praise them as something incredibly reliable. Some even claim that a safe lock is installed on the door. Remember that safe locks are not placed on the input structures, since the key cannot be obtained from them while the door is in an open position!

In no case do not save on the doors – you risk losing much more.