Energy efficient technologies: Technonikol insulation

Technonikol Corporation took part in the All -Russian meeting on the use of energy -efficient technologies during the overhaul of apartment buildings and the construction of new housing in Barnaul

We take the Energy Journal and alternative energy sources. You can take an article or just a book. We read the material. It turns out that among the available sources of alternative energy, it can be mentioned solar, chickenpox, tidal waves, even rain and oxygen energy in the air. Of course, we learn that alternative energy sources are very cheap, affordable and allows you to do a lot, while you do not need to burn oil, coal, various irreparable energy sources. We close the book, and now we look out the window at the vigorous power pipes of the TPP or huge pipes of the nuclear power plant. Here it is a visual fact.

We still cannot completely switch to alternative energy sources, so we have to go the other way. Since we have irreparable energy sources, we will simply build housing more effective in energy terms. We will with the help of the latest materials, protect each fraction of degrees. Thus, we get the preservation of energy, heat and other things, and with this we protect our own money, which can be spent on vacation in Thailand. From here we get a simple truth. You need to save and deal with energy saving problems. Approximately these issues were devoted to a meeting in which Technonikol took part. This meeting was organized on the introduction of energy -efficient technologies during major repairs. The question concerned the city of Barnaul. The meeting was attended by representatives of the city administration, as well as interested parties. Among them, one could see representatives of construction companies, contractors, and employees of housing and communal services. At the meeting, burning topics were discussed that concerned everyone. Certain decisions were made and interesting projects were announced. All this will serve for the benefit of the inhabitants of the city.