Embedded details: what are

In most cases, during concreting work, all kinds of embedded parts are used, as well as anchor blocks designed to connect and give additional stiffness of the structure. The embedded parts are steel elements connecting the prefabricated or prefabricated railway structures and products with each other, as well as with other structural elements of structures and buildings and consist of sheet elements with anchor rods welded to them, designed for sealing into concrete design. Anchor rods can be both straight and curved in shape. Today, embedded details are one of the most popular and popular types of rental due to qualities such as reliability, strength and durability. They are in demand not only in construction, but also in many other related areas, for example, as connectors in metal structures.

The following types of embedded structures can be distinguished conditionally: • open embedded structures; • closed embedded structures;

These types of structures, in turn, depending on the location of the anchor rods, are divided into embedded parts with parallel, perpendicular, inclined and combined arrangement. In some cases, an anchor may have a thread.

To protect embedded structures from the negative environmental impact of the environment, their surface undergoes thorough anti -corrosion preparation. The fairly popular galvanized embedded parts are also used today.

By mounting a product with strictly specified attaching dimensions, it is advisable to use ready-made embedded details with the necessary geometry and dimensions, and not try to make something “in place”. In this case, the manufacture of embedded structures will be carried out in strict accordance with GOSTs and typical albums, and the production process of all elements will be carried out under severe and strict control that guarantees the receipt of high -quality products.