Ecowata: What is how to choose

For those who want to build housing in a place where summer heat and cold winters exist, the issue of organizing the cooling and insulation of their future home in the appropriate season is always considered relevant.

An important point in this matter is the costs of such an organization. It is desirable that they are the most minimal, and at the same time effective.

Among the effective and popular insulation materials, Ecowata should be noted, which has been used for almost half a century in the construction of buildings in European territory.

Ecowata is a cellulose heater consisting of wood or the finest fibers of waste paper. In addition, its composition contains an antiseptic, about twelve percent and antipyre about seven percent.

Thus, Ecowata is considered non -combustible material, which, incidentally, is also environmentally friendly. The heat conductivity of the insulation material is quite high, which makes it possible to effectively protect the structure from summer heat and frost.

Application of the material

And the method of applying ecowata provides for the filling with it of all cracks and holes, thereby increasing the sealing of the room.

It is also important that Ecowata does not give shrinkage and is not subject to deformation. Due to the fact that it contains wood glue and lignin, in addition, it does not crack during operation. This material is applied to the most different surface.

For example, if we warm up metal parts with ecovata, then they will not be subject to corrosion and rust. In addition, metal surfaces never enter the reaction with the heater itself, which is very valuable for door structures.

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