Ecowata: What criteria to pay attention to when choosing

This material is loose and light pulp heater. It is cheap, extremely environmentally friendly, non -combustible, air -resistant, soundproof and does not give shrinkage. Ecowata is completely safe for humans and hypoallergenic. 81% consists of natural materials, and the remaining 19% fall on mineral additives: antipyrene, antiseptics, borus, boron salts and some others. Fungi and mold do not develop on a layer of insulation, and rodents do not cause damage even due to the content of boron salts, while the salt of the boron is safe for humans, since their effect is based on dehydration. Despite the fact that Ecowata was made of wood fibers, according to developers, it does not lose the properties of a heat insulator when exposed to water vapor. Studies of the formation of condensate in Ecowata showed that even in conditions of severe frosts, condensate is not formed. The moment allows you to do without a vapor barrier layer where the ecovata is used. By the way, two -tier children’s beds are very popular now, many people buy them for their children.

The method of applying ecovites can be called very original. Under the influence of water in it, lignin appears in a dissolved form, the very substance that gives the strength of the wood, and in anticipation of mechanical compression is not inferior to concrete. It is lignin that is used in the process of production of plywood and chipboard, and also serves as one of the components attaching to the insulated surface polyurethane foam. A mixture of water and ecowy is applied by spraying, as a result, a layer of seamless heat insulation with all the advantages of this type of building solutions is obtained. It is allowed to lay this mixture and manually. It is characteristic that in the process of applying there is no need to use overalls and gas mask, as in the case of polyurethane foam. Ecowata according to the usual scheme of heat insulators is used for any sections of the building, but does not require additional vapor barrier, glue and sealing any uneven surfaces.