Drywall walls: how to do it with your own hands

Nowadays, drywall is especially popular, as it is convenient and diverse in its application. Using this material, you can perfectly level the wall and improve the soundproofing of the rooms. The process of its installation will not take much time. Hard installation. This method of installation of drywall is usually performed with almost even walls and in low rooms. Glue serves as a material for fastening sheets of drywall.

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First you need to prepare the surface, namely, thoroughly clean it of dust and possible paint, and, if necessary, plastering the cracks.

When using a plumb line, you can achieve the ideal evenness of the wall. Lighthouses will serve sheets 10 cm wide., attached in vertical and horizontal position. After forming on the wall of such a grid, it will not be difficult to stick sheets of drywall.

The frame method.

Not always the walls in the room are even. The frame method of installation of drywall will correct this problem.

The main step in this method is to install a frame made of metal profiles or wooden rails. With the correct installation of such a frame, the wall will turn out to be perfectly flat.

If the frame is installed, then you can start fastening of drywall sheets. They are attached to profiles or rails using self -tapping screws.

Drywall can not only level the wall, but also be used as a decor of the room.