Doors Rada: Structure of Interior Doors

The veneered doors are good in that they can assume the use of both a natural veneer and a wall of a wall veneer. Depending on whether a natural veneer or an artificial veneer will be selected the cost of an interior door will depend.

The most expensive are those interior doors that were veneered by natural veneer. Such doors can be made both by the type of mesonite and can be exclusively wooden doors. In the manufacture of the door, the manufacturing company uses a natural veneer for their external finish, the thickness of which will not exceed 2 milimiters. This veneer can be made of wood of trees such as walnut, red tree, beech and many others. One of the undeniable advantages of interior venerable doors that were made using natural veneer will be that there is the possibility of using different tree species. You can play the color of veneer, on its texture, and there is also the opportunity to make doors with the most complex geometry, which suggest inlay.

Laminated doors are equally popular today. They involve the use of directive wood planks. Moreover, such films will not have nothing to do with natural material at all. Today there are many all kinds of films, each of which will be good in its own way. It can be a decorative film that is made on a paper basis, films soaked in melamine resin. And there are films that are made on a fiberglass basis. Such films are rarely used, as they have a high cost. Their alternative is decorative films made on a paper basis.