Donation Repair: Is it possible to do it yourself

In the plank floor, from low -quality styling and long -term operation, various defects may appear: the boards begin to creak, bend, rot, dents remain from heavy objects, cracks form between the floorboards. In this regard, it becomes necessary to repair the floor with the replacement of defective floorboards. Before repairing the plank floor, it is necessary to numb all the boards, so that later they lay them in the same order. Then, all the boards should be removed. In this case, it is necessary to gently pull out nails from them to avoid damage to the surface of the boards and breakdowns of the grooves, since most of the dismantled floorboards will have to be covered with again.

After removing the boards, check the condition of the lag and, if defects are detected, such logs must be replaced or strengthened. Rotten and half -rotten floorboards must be replaced with new dry boards. Old, but durable floorboards re -fall on the lags in the same order in which they were before repair. And new boards should be the same size as the old ones that lay before at this place.

It should be ensured that the direction of the fibers in the new floorboards coincides with the direction of fibers in, nearby, old boards. Re -lay the floorboards so that there are no cracks between them. All boards are attached to the lags using wood screws, and screws should be screwed into the lags to a depth of at least 2-5 centimeters. By the way, if the floor is in good condition, then to eliminate its creak, it is enough to screw additional screws into the floorboards.

If the boards are strong, but bend, then it is necessary to reduce the distance between the lags, setting additional lags between them.