Dome ceiling: what is

Dome ceilings create an indescribable atmosphere in the room. A person who got into a house with such ceilings feels the greatness and charm of this dwelling. But without proper care of such ceilings, they will not last long.

Humidity is the most important enemy of domed ceilings, since its excess leads to the accumulation of wooden elements in the isolated cavities, which is given to the rapid destruction of wood due to decay.

Most of the moisture entering these cavities gets there from ventilation. Therefore, it is important that a thorough waterproofing is carried out during assembly, ensuring the tightness of these isolated cavities.

But even these works will not relieve moisture accumulation. She, albeit much slower, but still accumulate. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the discharge of fluid. This can be implemented by installing self -ventilated isolation, which can perform the functions of water.

If a stove pipe, or kitchen hood passes through the dome ceiling, add additional insulation. Since wet air will go from the same kitchen. And condensate accumulates on hot chimneys.

The floor ceilings are without fail are protected from ice, and in the summer you should monitor the cleanliness of the gutters.

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