Do -it -yourself repair of the living room: the stages of the process

The living room since long time is the central room in the house. After all, this room is intended not only for joint pastime by the whole family and to receive guests. For repair, you can hire a specialist team. But if for some reason you do not have enough money then you can make repairs with your own hands. This article will help you figure out what sequence to make repairs, and what materials will be required for it.

Repair in the living room, as in all other rooms, requires a detailed work plan and a well -thought -out project. It is better to purchase materials and furniture for the living room in advance.

After you purchased the necessary materials and thought out the design of the room, you can start repair work. First of all, it is worth modifying the wiring and withdraw additional sockets. It is worth considering where the TV will stand and spend the cable for it.

It would be nice to replace the windows. For example, metal -plastic windows will be an ideal option for the living room. If necessary, you need to change the interior doors.

After the initial work, we proceed to the leveling and pasting of the walls with wallpaper. If you decide to stick wallpaper, then you should choose vinyl or liquid wallpaper. And for painting walls the best option would be water -based paint. And so that your walls acquire a beautiful pattern, you can glue the wallpaper for painting.

You can align the floor with special self -leveling mixtures. The ceilings in the living room are usually made stretch or drywall. Such ceilings are not only very beautiful, but also fireproof.

The final stage in the repair is considered to be aligned and flooring. Paul can be anything to your taste.