DIY Summer Veranda: how to do it

When building a country house, you need to take into account the veranda in advance, so its base will be one with the house. But it happens that the house has already been built, and you needed a veranda, which can be attached to the house, to its main facade or from the end.

The support for the skeleton of the veranda will be a columnar foundation, which is made of brick. You need to mark the places where the foundation pillars will be located. The depth of the pit under the poles should be approximately 1 meter, 20 centimeters should be filled with sand, if the soil is sandy, then 10 cm of the pit is covered with gravel or gravel and poured with hot bitumen.

Next, you need to make the base, its upper cut should be extremely horizontal, and after the concrete is solidified, put a foundation brick column on it. The pillar should be 30 centimeters below the floor of the house so that the roof of the veranda is under the weight of the roof of the house.

How are the finished pillars of the veranda?

The finished pillars are coated with bitumen, and the inner planes are laid with brick with broken or gravel. The skeleton of the veranda is made of logs, with a diameter of 12 cm, or from bars with a section of 12×8 centimeters. The lower strapping is laid on these pillars, it is made double, followed by cutting the lag into it, which are intended for flooring.

The upper binding is installed on racks with rafters, their upper ending is connected to a horizontal beam. For fastening, it is better to use anchor bolts, while the beams on which the rafters are based should be securely attached to the wall and place them so that they are located under the roof weight.

The roof of the veranda, as a rule, is made of a gentle or single -tocate. Put it on a crate from non -cut boards, which can be laid close or with intervals, it depends on the material used for the roof.

Building a veranda summer with your own hands will not be easy. You may have various situations and moments that will push you to stop everything and not continue to build. This often happens to a person and this is not just like that, since he is not capable of continuing to work in the same direction, you need a respite and if it is so much necessary to perform it.