DIY siding installation: how to perform

In order to transform the appearance of a country house does not require large financial investments, and also does not need much time to install if you purchase siding to perform this work. Siding is used for facing not only walls in private houses, but also administrative buildings and structures, while manufacturers offer different colors of the material, so you can choose the one that will allow the most attractive facade cladding.

If you are not interested in the issue of cladding, since you are engaged in the arrangement of the land adjacent to the house, then you may need special equipment.

The installation of siding on external walls is performed without the use of complex tools, while the work can be done with its own hands, which will save on the hiring of the master. To complete the task, it is necessary to fix the crate on the outer walls, which is made using a metal profile, and is attached to self -tapping screws, while be sure to fix the structure according to the level.

Installation is carried out by mounting the material on the crate from the bottom up, while start working with fastening of the lower sheet with nails, and the next sheets, using the excavations that are on the siding sheets. The process of this work will be performed quickly and without any problems, if you have an assistant, since the siding sheets are quite long, while the last sheet of the material is also fixed, like the first, that is, using nails. Complete the work with siding with the installation of corners around the windows, doors and at the corners.