DIY Fan installation and installation

If you have conceived the construction of a bath or sauna, then in this case you need to pay great attention to the development and installation of the ventilation system – the installation of fans refers to such types of work. Fans are used in various types of ventilation systems to ensure air circulation in the room. The installation of the fan is usually carried out in ventilation chambers in which it is also necessary to install the electric motor and air processing devices.

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Installation of the fan must only be done in those rooms that are isolated from strangers, that is, where only the organization’s staff (basements, technical floors and other types of premises have access) have access. The fan during installation is usually connected to the air duct. Masters when installing fans pay great attention to reducing the level of vibration – this is necessary to ensure noise insulation. If the installation of the fan provides for the connection with other similar devices, then it is necessary to install the network between them. Before buying and installing fans, some requirements should be taken into account. Firstly, it is worth determining the room in which the fan will be located in order to ensure maximum air circulation in the room. Also in the room where the fan will be installed, a certain level of temperature should be preserved (usually no more than 60 ° C).