Distribution of living space: What you need to know

Modern monolithic technologies for the construction of apartment buildings allowed the owners of housing at their discretion to place in residential and functional rooms.

Make a planning project and determine where each of the rooms will be located before the start of repair work in the house.

So, you have become the happy owner of a new apartment in a new building-monolith. After the first days spent in euphoria about a joyful purchase, you understand that until the joyful moment the settlement in the new apartment is still how far. You have naked external walls, and the apartment itself requires a long, painstaking and expensive repair. First of all, you need to determine where a certain room will be located. To draw up a project for the location of rooms in the apartment, you can contact a designer, or you will carry out all the work on compiling a layout yourself. The difficulty lies not only in the optimal choice of the location of the rooms, but also in their “Meter”. Mistakes in the meter can lead to the creation of excessively large or uncomfortable and small sleeping rooms. Experts recommend allocating from 8 to 10 square meters under the nursery, under the bedroom 10-11, and for the kitchen at least ten. The rest of the remaining area can go to the living room united with the hallway, or to the living room separated from each other and the hallway.

You can separate the hallways and the living room only if you have more than 25-30 square meters of area left. In this case, you can plan a small 4-5 meter space for the hallway, and give the rest of the area to the living room. This option will be ideal for large rooms in the area. If each square meter on your special account can be combined these two premises and their zoning using a flooring or a multilevel ceiling and floor.

The dismantling of partitions between the balcony is also popular today, which allows you to turn the balcony into a full -fledged part of the living room. Thus, you significantly increase the area of ​​the apartment and make your apartment brighter. You just need to glaze the balcony with high -quality double -glazed windows and carry out additional insulation of the walls and floor of the room.