Distinctive features of the Minimalism style: how to make

Minimalism style is one of the popular styles for today’s interiors, it was formed on the basis of another style-high-tech. It must be emphasized that one hundred minimalism is practical and convenient for everyday life. It is great for both houses and apartments, and for offices.

Its main difference from the high-tech style is that minimalism does not provide for the active use of such elements as glass, reinforcement, metal pipes.

The main materials that are used in the Minimalism style are stainless and chrome steel, various plastics, ceramics, natural and artificial stone, textured and tinted wood. In the style of minimalism there are a huge amount of flat surfaces that emphasize the game of textures of material and light. Interior elements have classic forms, do not have accessories and patterns, but are made in the right proportions.

One of the main elements of the Minimalism style is cabinet furniture. This style contains a whole arsenal of various flat facades. Decoration and milling by the overall details of the facades are inappropriate here. Only absolutely flat and flat surface. In the decoration of facades, plastic is very often used, which, as it were, copies natural wood or abstract drawings under a tree. Monochrome colors use minimalism in minimalism.

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