Development of the quarter with the support of the architectural council

Nevertheless, with the support of the Architectural Council, APU Public Center, connecting the future general district park with the Kuntsevsky forest, managed to maintain, albeit much smaller. The two residential buildings built were included in the neighboring quarter. In a recycled form, the design and development project of Mazilov clearly reflects the characteristic stages of its creation. According to the compositional construction, the plot is divided into two parts: the eastern, which was started in most of its construction in the fall., T. e. Even before the project is adjusted, and Western. The first includes residential quarters second – residential quarters. Common for the development of the entire territory of the district is the height of residential buildings, accepted in five floors, since in the eastern half of the residential array of the previously designed eight -story buildings refused. The fundamental difference between these residential arrays is expressed in various techniques for arranging buildings on the territory of quarters. The eastern group of quarters is characterized by a regular layout with perimeter development, Western picturesque compositional construction with free accommodation of residential buildings. Comparing the architectural decisions of the eastern and western parts of Mazilov, it should be said that in the presence of known shortcomings, each of them has its own advantages and is of interest as an example of a different approach to resolving modern urban planning tasks based on the application of only typical projects. The architectural and planning solution of the residential massif, located to the right of the transverse axis, is based on the reception of the division of development to separate spatial groups of the meridional and latitudinal buildings that create in the quarters the system of isolated courtyards. These courtyards, sufficient in area and well ventilated thanks to large gaps between buildings, have a free layout that provides for the device of all kinds of gaming and sports grounds, as well as the rest of the adult population. In residential buildings, small plots were left for the installation of frontets with the forces of the residents themselves.