Desire for change: how to realize a dream in life

So we are arranged that we constantly require changes. Both in life and in housing. There are always the reasons why our apartment, the number of its rooms or their location ceases to arrange us. Perhaps we just want some creative solution in housing or just creatively self-exposing when it is renewed.

To do this, we rearrange the furniture, begin to repair it, change the functions of the rooms, expand or lay the doorways or even break the walls. After all, our imagination simply has no boundaries. Often, such our behavior is provoked by the desire to reorganize the apartment in order to increase its operational organization. The reorganization of the living space is even called the equipment of the room for the second bathroom or moving the kitchen to another part of the housing. Although at the same time you can leave all the doors in your place, do not break the walls, you need to obtain permission and such actions so that your changes are legal in nature. It must be remembered that each room has its own technical passport, which indicates the location of each of your rooms, the presence of each wall or partition, and even doorways. In the records that are in the Bureau of Technical Inventory, the plan of your premises is indicated, and on it, in turn. All devices from gas stove to plumbing are noted. Therefore, any change in the apartment should be reflected in this documentation, and, accordingly, be agreed with the BTI. For non -compliance with this rule, certain sanctions may be applied to you, since not approved redevelopment can cause irreparable damage to both your housing and the entire house as a whole.