Designer furniture models: which option to choose

Designers strive to attract attention to themselves and, because of great competition, offer the most incredible models. Elite furniture salon offers a large number of options from various designers.

The Swiss designer proposed a kind of stool, inside of which there is a growing tree. If you develop a thought and create a large chair, then under such furniture it is quite possible to place a gazebo. You can plant a vine inside, attracting attention with unusual furniture.

Chairs made in the form of images of famous people also attract attention. Laughing images of people bring a holiday and a cheerful mood into the interior. Modern technologies allow you to perform furniture from any material and item. So, a snowboard can serve as the basis for creating a chair. The form can also be very diverse, for example, a stool in the form of a corkscrew, stools resembling bottles of wine.

In Europe, an experiment was conducted in order to prove that plywood has the properties to bending. So, the designers made a chair that bends in all directions, and is made of a piece of plywood. At the same time, it was taken into account that this item is not only for mass spectacles, but also furniture. Therefore, experts made efforts so that a person was comfortable sitting on such a chair.

For owners of small apartments, designers decided to connect a hanger and chair. Having performed some manipulations, the hanger turns into a chair and vice versa. Such experiments are called upon to follow the requirements of ergonomics for small spaces. In addition, such an option is suitable for lovers of everything new and unusual.

But the experiments did not end there either, now furniture is made that can be eaten. Of course, baked tables, and chairs are unlikely to decorate the interior, but you can boast that you enjoyed having eaten a table set, and let them think it was a joke or not.

If we talk about tables, today they are most often made of wood. The best option is an integral array. Make kitchen tables, computers and written tables made of wood, since this material is durable and attractive.