Creation of a home office: how to competently execute

Modern entrepreneurs and businessmen are increasingly working at home than in a stuffy and closed office. In some cities, this practice of production relations has long been introduced for quite some time. The positive moments of such work are significant time saving. To get to work, employees can spend from 1 to 2 hours. Also, the rental of an office premises with the expansion of the organization costs a lot of money.

For beneficial and productive work at home, you need to create good conditions. If square meters do not allow to take a separate room under the office, then it can be created in a large room, highlighting a special corner. The working corner will be more cozy if it isolate it, which will reduce the intensity of the surrounding noise. For insulation, you can use partitions as in offices, furniture or special screens. By the way, now with your own faces are often faced with your own facade.

The area of ​​the workplace should be at least 5 m2, which will comply with the requirements for illumination. If you conduct a sufficient number of lighting devices in a dark room or pantry, you can organize an office there.

Most often, to fence off the working area, glass partitions are used. This redevelopment of the room, if there are some questions from the BTI, is easily dismantled.

Do not create the interior of the home office in black and white-gray color. Better use natural furniture and bright colors for finishing work. Buy special furniture for computer equipment, it will help save your space and make work more manufacturer.