Cosmetic floor repair: how to do it yourself

Cosmetic floor repairs are one of the types of repair, which does not require much time, as well as large cash costs. This type of repair from those that can be made on its own and hands, and in calm home conditions. Old floors of wooden material have the ability to sigeech, and also creak and clog with garbage. To eliminate these shortcomings, it is necessary to use twine or rope, as well as get it well into glue. Then put it smoothly in the cracks, and compact well with the help of tools to get rid of cracks and holes.

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After the glue begins to dry, it is necessary to take care of bringing the coating in the final view. To do this, you need to use pieces of linoleum, while filling them with acetone, and prepare a putty, with stirring dissolving pieces. You need to use a spatula, and smear the available cracks with the resulting mixture. And after the expiration and implementation of all this work, it will only be necessary to clean and paint the seams. If the cracks began to appear on the floor, they get rid of them using a stencil. Cut it out of the film or strong paper. Further, when using a spatula, it is necessary to put putty on the stencil so as not to touch the floor surface, and thus, cracks are filled. If the gaps formed on the parquet, then they are closed with paste.