Construction examination: what is

Construction examination is the measures with which you can analyze the technical condition of the object. It is found that in the case of construction work, disputes arise between the parties and some unforeseen circumstances between the participants in the construction process.

In this case, with the help of the construction examination procedure, experts try to solve all problems in order to prevent probable long -term disputes. Construction examination of buildings and structures is very often a necessity and a quite ordinary process for most construction companies. All this happens in order to resolve questions in advance.

In the process of conducting the construction of the construction, they solve numerous important problems. So, evaluate the quality of the work performed construction and installation. Then the conformity of these works is checked. Be sure to find out economic indicators, namely, they try to determine the cost of materials and construction and installation works. After that, design and estimate documentation is drawn up and its analysis is carried out. The parties set the deadlines for the implementation of the terms of the contract. After that, they give reviews and reviews for various conclusions of state and departmental bodies.

There are several types of construction examination: an expertise of estimated documentation, examination of design documentation, examination of the cost of eliminating defects that arose when creating an object, examination of compliance of installation construction work and examination of the quality of engineering communications. There are also other examination options that determines the case and certain desire of the customer.