Composite tiles: technical characteristics of the roof

Composite tiles are a type of roofing materials of the elite class class. Composite tiles have earned such a higher mark due to the combination of the features of other types of roofs, as well as durability and reliability. The price of this material in comparison with others is slightly higher. However, the predominant characteristics of composite tiles in the end, on the contrary, make it possible to save. This is due to the fact that then you will not need to spend money on its repair. In addition, the installation of composite tiles is very simple and convenient.

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As the portal experts found out, the composite tile is a multi -layer coating, which is based on a steel sheet 0.5 mm thick. Galvanized alumo -cycle coating serves as a sheet decoration. It is a special alloy of silicon, aluminum, zinc, as well as processing acrylic primer.

It is worth noting that this material is covered with tiny particles of stone. This makes him like natural tiles. The roof, which is covered with composite tiles, looks very aesthetically pleasing. A huge selection of shapes and colors and shapes makes it possible to create unique roofs and turn buildings into unique architectural objects.

In addition to aesthetics, the composite roof also has other advantages. It contributes to a good hydro – and thermal insulation. The roof is not subjected to precipitation, the effects of the sun, and fire and corrosion. Special layers that are used for the manufacture of composite tiles make the roof quite silent. In the house under such a roof it will be calm and quiet even in heavy rain.

The use of high -quality modern materials provides composite tiles for a long service life. To maintain such a roof in perfect condition, it is sometimes necessary to conduct a preventive examination. In case of damage to some section of the composite roof, it can be easily replaced.