Combined windows: what are

The name itself can already say a lot about the composition of such windows. For their manufacture, several materials are used. And this is necessary for a complete combination of the properties of various materials that can supplement each other’s functions.

Combined windows are known for their characteristics of operation. But do not forget that thanks to the enhanced properties of the material used in their manufacture, the combined windows will cost much more than other types of windows. If you need a lining for window frames and window sills, then usually the lining is bought here, since the choice of the lining is large and low prices are low.

Materials that are combined in combined windows are wood, aluminum and plastic; copper, wood and aluminum; Aluminum and plastic.

If we talk about the advantages of these structures, then the most successful combined windows are considered to be aluminum profiles. The aluminum profile itself is able to hold tightness tightly. In addition, the tree has good protection, due to aluminum and it cannot negatively affect external natural conditions, and such a window will not rot. Such windows do not need to be restored or repainted. It is easy enough to care for them.

The design of combined windows can also be different. A single -line design and a two -preservation can be distinguished. A single -line structure is characterized by the fact that the window has only a single binding. The aluminum lining itself is fixed on a wooden profile. The two -preservation design is characterized by the fact that the window is spied or divided by the binding. For attaching a two -preservation structure, you can use both clamps and brackets.