Combination of colors in the interior: how to choose

The compatibility of colors is easy to take into account if you use a circular color diagram that can easily be found on the Internet. In the palette of colors, warm and cold gamma are distinguished. Warm gamma is red, orange and yellow sectors. Cold – purple, blue and green sectors. Cold colors are not chosen for weakly lit and poorly heated rooms. The following shades are perfectly combined: – colors in one sector, for example, all shades in the orange sector; – colors located on the diagram in neighboring sectors, for example, yellow and its shades create a beautiful gamut of color

Combination of colors in the interior

with orange and/or green. Two colors located diagonally opposite each other are opposite. In combination with each other, such colors look irritating (for example, yellow and purple). It is possible to use them in the interior as small accents. If you need to strengthen the main color, add contrast, then use two colors, between which three sectors (for example, orange and purple, as well as orange and green) black and white colors harmonize with any color. Black makes a neighboring color brighter, white is more saturated. Color shades should be more than three. It is recommended to use one basic color in the interior and no more than two additional. For example, the basis of color is light green. You can supplement it with yellow or blue shades. You can strengthen light green purple and orange shades. Red is the opposite, its use should be carefully thought out, possibly, as some small accent.