Collections of linoleum: how not to get confused when choosing

The collections of linoleum are quite diverse in its color scheme and texture, width and thickness of the flooring. This flooring is represented by different options for commercial, household and partially commercial coatings. Today in online stores and just in the construction points of implementation you can see linoleum photos from different manufacturers, both domestic and foreign.


The catalog of linoleum Tarkett, which is in almost every implementation point, contains a detailed description of the quality of any type of material and its photo. Here you can buy both old collections and new items.

New samples in the domestic market of floor materials are a balanced and thoughtful combination of the highest quality in physical characteristics and coatings design. All the models that are depicted in the photo have a unique relief that can imitate natural materials, and is also characterized by high wear resistance.

Properties of modern samples

Due to its structure, new samples of linoleum do not absorb moisture and have an additional protective layer that allows without any effort to remove simple dust and dirt pollution, while preventing different spots from the influence of black rubber, as well as penetration into the inner layers of the floor covering of mud.

In addition, having special properties of a crystal lattice, the protective layer completely eliminates the influence of all kinds of home chemistry and other pollution on linoleum.

The unique composition of such a compound allows you to obtain a solid protective layer, without microcracks, which several times increases the wear resistance of the linoleum of modern collections compared to other floor coverings and makes it possible for it to serve for a very long time.

It is worth noting that having an antibacterial layer, some brands allow you to get natural environmental protection. Silver microparticles that are in the protective coating are ionized when interacting with moisture. This makes it possible to get a good microclimate for the human body.