Channel fans: what is it, features

Danal fans are this type of fan, which is installed inside the duct. They are also installed in the gap between several air ducts. This is necessary so that you can create a directed air flow in them at a certain level of pressure. If we are talking about the forms of air ducts, then the channel fans are divided into rectangular and round. A very important and mandatory requirement that is available to the canal fans is that they have accurate balancing. In addition, they should have a low level of vibration and noise. It is at the expense of these indicators that you can get a longer service life.

As the portal experts found out, the main difference between the channel fans can be called that they have a constantly cooled working wheel. Agree that this affects the fan service very well.

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Today, all duct fans are classified into axial radial and multi -lane. In the canal fans, the blades can have a bent shape. They are unilateral and double -sided absorption. It is worth noting that some types of duct fans are made using anti -corrosion materials for rooms that have a high level of humidity. The duct fans are also popular because they are explosive resistant. They can calmly be installed in rooms that have an air temperature of more than +40.

Note that in the process of production of channel fans, galvanized steel or plastic is usually used. Some models combine these materials.

Danal fans are installed not only in apartments, they are great for industrial premises, warehouses, shopping centers, road and railway tunnels and many other objects.