Ceramic tiles from the Spanish factory Emigres

“Emigres” is a Spanish famous factory for the production of various tiles and porcelain tiles. It occupies a leading position in the market of finishing materials for baths and kitchens. The factory was built in Alcor Castillon Province, glorified since ancient times high -quality ceramic products. This is a huge enterprise with high production capacity (produces approximately 4 million per year. sq. meter.). For many years, the factory produced ceramic tiles from red clay, raising it to the pedestal. A specific line of products manufactured by Emigres is a special style and high -quality performance. The visit of wall tiles is its exceptional shape, which allows you to create the visual effect of a single seamless wall covering in the laying process. The unique form of tiles is laid using mosaic.

The Emigres factory produces not only high -quality wall coatings, but also flooring. They are used everywhere, regardless of the style of interior. The production of this factory is deservedly recognized by consumers of many countries. In Russia and in many European countries, tile models as brick masonry, puzzles imitating parquet, mosaic surface, as well as other types of tiles that the Emigres factory produced. It constantly expands and modernizes the traditional collection, enriching the products with original design elements. If you decide to purchase a product as emigres tiles, then you are undoubtedly having an elegant taste. Our store, at affordable prices, provides a world -famous collection of tiles for baths Mosaic Emigres and a collection of floor porcelain tiled Cuenca and Santiago.