Ceramic granite: where and how they use in the interior

Now very often the floor is decorated with tiles or granite. But in order to choose the right coating, you need to know several rules and nuances. When developing the floor design, you can combine different colors and types of tiles and create your own one of a kind masterpiece. There are so many diverse types and styles of tiles now that you can lay it throughout the house, combining and dividing the floor into zones. Although if you prefer classic styling, it is quite possible to lay the tile of only one color.

A serious nuance in the choice of tiles is that the small size of the tiles increases visually the room, the large size very strongly reduces it. Tiles of light tones make the room lighter and, accordingly, more.

I advise an unusual carpet for a children’s room.

Dark tile, on the contrary, reduces the quadrature. Another nuance is the location of the tile pattern. For example, in order to expand the room – lay the tile so that the pattern is located across the room. For lengthening – the pattern should be located along the walls. If you need to divide the room into zones, just use the tile of the same color and shade to separate, but differing in size. If you need to combine two zones into a common whole, then a drawing located at the junction will help in this. But if you want to lay the tile diagonally, that is, at an angle of 45 degrees, then it is necessary to mark the diagonal of the room and lay the tile in parallel. The last stroke in laying tiles is the grout of the seams. If you want to focus on your floor, then select a grout of a brighter color than the tile. And the grout of the same tone that the tile will make your floor more homogeneous.