Causing method: what is

The disadvantages of the method include increased metal consumption to the installation of collars and the need to manufacture slabs at the construction site, which is complicated in winter conditions. True, the process of concreting at the ground level can be significantly accelerated and as simplified as possible.

The method of raising ceilings is quite widespread in a number of countries, especially when erecting buildings of high altitude. Glasengradstroy, together with designers, experimentally checked this progressive method during construction in 1968-1969. On the Basy Street in Leningrad, an administrative 14-story building.

This building is 48 x 18 m in size, 49 m high has two one -story extensions. Two stairwells of the high -altitude part of the building are made of monolithic reinforced concrete in the size of 7.1 x 3.5 m with a wall thickness of 35 cm and are hard nuclei of the entire structure that contribute to its stability. The external walls of the building consist of metal stained -glass windows and expanded clay concrete panels with which the elevator shafts are fenced. One -story extensions were resolved in brick. Under the high -rise part, a pile base was made of hollow centrifugged reinforced concrete piles with an outer diameter of 500 mm with a length of 22 m. Piles composite from 12-meter sections, junction of a welded pile.

Concreting of grillages and ceilings was carried out using two MSK-5-20 cranes and one autocrane.

Vibrations and guides in the form of metal inventory frames were used to smooth the surface of each ceiling.

To prevent the clutch of freshly laid concrete mixture with a previously concrete overlap, a separation layer of wood -fiber slab was laid. However, the experience showed that the use of a wood -fiber plate in this case is irrational: it is glued to the surface of concrete, it is very difficult to separate from concrete

The Leningraddorgstroy trust has developed a recipe for a dividing layer based on chalk paste. The use of pasta showed good results, and it is recommended for further use.

I recently wondered why stretch ceilings are very popular. First of all, with the help of this technology, you can give the ceiling a perfectly even shape and get an original pattern, for example, a starry sky