Can you repair a soft roof with your own hands

Soft roof is subject to damage much more often than other roofing materials. The main source of damage is the wear of the bitumen layer, which actually ensures the waterproofing of the roof. Since this happens quite often, you should inspect the roof for the presence of pits, swelling, seams and so on every year.

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The repair of the soft roof of the building is divided into two types – current and capital. The overhaul of the roof is carried out in cases where the damaged part is more than 40 %.

Repair of a soft roof can be carried out both on their own and with the help of a contracting team. If the roof area is small, then you can use your own forces, which will significantly save your funds.

In principle, nothing is difficult in this. Especially if you need to carry out the current repair. It is produced in two ways.

The first method is that the damaged area is cut down, cleaned of dust and dirt, poured with sealant. Then a roofing material is applied to this site (naturally larger than the size of the damage), and over the perimeter is covered with mastic. But, as a rule, this method does not give the expected results. It is much more reliable to install a new layer in the usual way, I use the old layer as a basis. But with this method, you should take into account the load that exerts pressure on the roof and calculate whether your roof can take it out.

Obviously, it is much cheaper to carry out current repair, so do not start the process of checking your roof!