Cabinet Repair: Is it possible to execute on your own

The room that will serve the cabinet should correspond to the size, illumination, aesthetics and sound insulation.

Therefore, you need to pay attention to what factors:

– At the beginning of work, the old floor needs to be removed completely, in order to align in level and make the desired height and level of the lag.

– Black floor is laid from two layers of chipboard, it will allow you to qualitatively lay the coating of laminate, block parquet or sex rail.

– The walls need to be cleaned of old wallpapers and paints, putty cracks and irregularities, after the putty dries, you need to treat it with sandpaper or iron it with an acrylic finishing composition.

– It is better to glue the wallpaper vinyl with a deep embossed pattern with increased light resistance and good soundproofing properties.

– The system of lighting should be well thought out and mounted, an electrical specialist should conduct it before all the work begins, so that you can think about how to hide the wires under the wallpaper and install switches and sockets in convenient places.

– Ceiling tiles are most suitable for the ceiling, it is made of polystyrene foam, its surface is porous, the advantage is that it has a sound insulation. With this, she creates a calm working environment in the office.

And if you want to do without repairs, without putting any moral and physical efforts, there is rental of offices for you. There you can choose an office of the class you need, in a convenient place and most importantly the area. There is an opportunity to work both yourself and a large enterprise, there they already tast and color.

Using natural wood for an office.

Well, all the advantages of a tree are not worth discussing, since everyone already knows this. Therefore, having created the interior of the office, pay due attention to him.

Repair with the aim of changing floors for wood and walls with decorative wooden panels will help create a strict working and cozy atmosphere. In the office with a repair of natural wood, a person is less tired, more balanced psychologically, feels comfort. Correctly selected furniture will strengthen the positive effects on a person. One tone: light brown, reddish, golden yellow, brown and will help create an unreasonable sense of comfort.