Building strip foundation: what is

The foundations laid down at the beginning of the construction of the building can be two types – these are monolithic foundations, as well as structures consisting of individual reinforced concrete blocks, or, more simply, prefabricated strip foundations. Nowadays, a prefabricated foundation can be used not only in the construction of industrial buildings, but also in the construction of residential buildings – cottages and country cottages.

The most important disadvantage of the prefabricated strip foundation is its low strength. The reason for this is its design, because it consists of separate blocks that are interconnected. Naturally, such a foundation will be inferior to a monolithic structure in strength. To strengthen the strength indicators of the strip foundation, road nets are often used: they are laid in places of joints of the blocks and are tightly fixed. There are a prefabricated strip foundations and positive aspects.

Firstly, it can be installed in a short time. Well, secondly, its use makes it possible to significantly reduce the consumption of materials, and therefore cash. If the building under construction is not high and large loads are not expected on the foundation, then the blocks are allowed not to be installed, but with small voids. This laying method allows you to save about 20% of the material.

Agree, it is much easier to adhere to the technology during the repair than to correct your own mistakes. So that there are no cracks on the walls or on the ceiling, a Serpyank grid is laid in the places where sheets of drywall will be laid, which will increase the level of structure strength and protect the seam from humidity.