Brick staircase: can you do in the country

It is natural that the staircase built of such material as brick is designed to use street. Such a staircase may turn out to be a magnificent decoration, which will be perfectly combined with paths in the garden.

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In order to build such a staircase, there is no need for specialists – builders, since there are no difficulties in its design. First of all, you should stock up on the necessary materials and tools, among which: a brick is a simple rectangular or with a rounded edge of a shovel Crushed stone cement sand.

First you need to understand what exactly such a staircase should look like. The drawing is useful for this.

After he is ready, it is necessary to distinguish between the construction site. Now you can get for construction. First of all, concrete solution is prepared, which will go into the base of the stairs. A formwork is created from the boards, which is filled with concrete and is left until completely dry.

After the concrete is completely dry, you can start laying brick. A small amount of concrete should be poured into concrete, on top of which the first layer of masonry is installed. An excess solution should be removed without waiting for its solidification. If this is not done, the staircase is not accurate.

All subsequent ones are laid out on top of the first layer of brick. The connecting element between the layers of brick will be the same concrete solution.