Block structure: how to choose the right option

The design of the unit is developed according to the mixed constructive scheme of the lengths of the poetry opiranny in two inner corners and on the pieces of the outer wall. The loads on the internal angles are transmitted through metal supporting laying parts along the entire calculated cross section of the angle, and along the outer wall – through the solution of the seam throughout the cross -section to the window opening. The block is reinforced with welded frames and nets. Unlike reinforcement for ordinary construction conditions, a second mesh is installed in the outer wall of the block. In this regard, the nature of the reinforcement of the Wut’s conjugation of the external end and longitudinal walls has been changed. All nets in the corners of the openings are reinforced with additional rods. Changed, against the usual one, the design of the survey parts at the internal angles of the unit and the installation of embedded parts at the outer wall for attaching hard ties to them is provided. The survey of embedded parts is designed to perceive the efforts arising in the connections. The company Master Group offers granite from the manufacturer at low prices. The resting of the blocks of the first floor was carried out as follows: all four supports of one of the blocks were installed on the foundation pillows and baskets with a solution. Two supports of the second block also relied on the foundation pillows, and two are installed on two hundred -centone jacks, t. e. In the consolation block, two supports are motionless, and two are installed on the jacks. With the help of the jack piston, the possibility of lowering the support of the block was created until they freely freeze. Blocks of the second floor were installed on blocks of the first floor. In the level of both the first and second floors, volumetric blocks were connected by strict connections, in the form of metal plates.