Bathwall lining with drywall: with your own hands, is it possible to sod

So you have a repair at home. There are a lot of work, especially if your reserve of knowledge on this issue is far from the point of view and concepts of the builder-professional. Most of ordinary citizens immediately represent the final result, and even then not very clear. In 90% of cases, we want a balcony, like a neighbor from below, a bedroom, like friends, and a living room, like one of relatives.

But even if you decide to entrust this work to experts, and, say, an experienced friend will help you buy a laminate practitioner, it would still be desirable to have at least a general idea of ​​what is happening in your house.

When making repairs in the bathroom, probably the question arose before everyone: how to hide the pipes, a cavity under the bathroom, in general, how and what, close the bathroom, and even functionally and beautifully.

The most common solution to this problem, especially in the case of lining with the bathroom, mosaic, is the sheathing of moisture -resistant drywall. This material allows you to create a beautiful, original skin, the most diverse shape and size.

Hypsum cardboard stitching technology consists of several stages. The start of the work consists in installing the UD guide profile, so that the frame is fixed immediately from three sides. Next, it is necessary to fix the frame in the bathroom. In this case, drywall cannot be fixed with self -tapping screws, which is why the foam is the best option. The foam fills the profile on both sides, after it has completely dried up, the excess is removed and proceed directly to the installation of transverse profiles along the entire length of the bathroom every 40 cm.

The next step after the installation of profiles is the installation of drywall, as well as bringing it into proper form.

It is clear that the desire to leave a small niche under the bathroom or hatch-revision is easily feasible in the case of independent repair, but if the installation of the bathroom makes a hired master, this condition with it must be stipulated in advance.