Bathroom: how to repair yourself

The living area of ​​most apartments in typical multi -storey buildings very often leaves much to be desired, not allowing to fully realize the ideas of the owners to arrange their own home.

In standard apartments, the smallest area is highlighted for the bathroom and toilet. Nevertheless, these premises are as important for family members as the kitchen, where residents spend a lot of time. They must be bright and cozy, as well as comply with sanitary standards.

Modern finishing material for the bathroom – ceramic tiles. It is unusually important for creating the interior and is an excellent material for covering walls and floor. Properly laid ceramic tiles can serve as a decoration of the bathroom for more than a dozen years. It is durable and resistant to moisture and temperature difference. Tiles are produced by various shapes and colors. When choosing a coating for the bathroom, it is necessary to take into account the color palette of the room as a whole. The color of the tiles in the bathroom should harmoniously combine with the colors of the interior of the apartment, especially the floor and walls.

Piece mixers were mostly very popular and reliable in the plumbing market. However, it is inconvenient to wash your hands with soap with such mixers and then they were replaced by single -legged mixers.

The variety of modern interiors is simply amazing the imagination. Moreover, the originality of the environment can be given by adding only one single detail. Sometimes such a detail is the cornice. Without this interior element, practically no room costs. It is the window that is designed beautifully that can give real comfort to the atmosphere. Every little thing should be taken into account.