All information about liquid wallpaper: what you should know


Often in a construction store, our gaze falls on a strange finishing material – liquid wallpaper. We clearly imagine them in our corridor not the walls – flickering, unusual and with a velvety texture, but we have no idea how to work with them. Just about this and the conversation in this article will go.

You need to start with wall cleaning, old wallpapers are quite easily removed using a sprayer and spatula. After that, it is better to wash the walls with warm water.

We put on all irregularities and defects on the walls. However, this is worth it only if there are really serious defects, since liquid wallpaper has the property of visual alignment of the surface.

Then the walls must be slightly primed. Instead of soils, you can use water -based paint, which must be applied to the walls in one layer.

Prepare the wallpaper for work, dilute a bag with dry wallpaper in a plastic container with warm water, adhering to the instructions on the packaging. Add the shine, which must be bought separately, then leave at the rest for twelve hours. Before applying the wallpaper, it is recommended to add a small amount of warm water to the container, and then mix the entire liquid mass thoroughly.

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