Adjustment of plastic windows: what to pay attention to

After the plastic windows are installed, in some cases adjustment may be needed, and this is especially true for new houses, which is explained by the fact that the new buildings are always subject to shrinkage, as a result of which the fitness of the fit and the sealing system is violated. The specialist is able to fix this, thereby, having restored the tightness of the system. The need to adjust the windows arises in the following cases:

– in the case of a poor fit of the rubber seal, as a result of which the tightness is violated. This happens, as a rule, with prolonged operation.

– When wall shrinkage occurs. In this case, the sash can touch the frame.

– If the installation is incorrect. Closing the sash with difficulty. The window could not be installed evenly, or the loops were not in the middle position.

Despite the fact that you can change the position of the wings on your own, since high -quality accessories are used, but it is important to entrust or replace the details only to professionals. It is worth remembering that incorrectly carried out adjustment often gives the way out of the window.

The adjustment is directly carried out using accessories that gives the opportunity to change the position of the sash. High -quality accessories will make excellent adjustment, which can be carried out in three planes. There is the possibility of reducing or increasing the intensity of the pressing of the sash to the profile. To adjust the upper corner, moving it to the sides, resort to adjustment of the upper loop group. At the same time, the sash can turn clockwise or against. By adjusting the lower group of loops, the sank is lowered or lifted.