Adhesive ceiling: features and differences in decoration

What are glue ceilings? These are special panels made of polystyrene foam, the size of which is 500*500mm, it always goes standard, and therefore there are no deviations! Such plates can have a variety of texture, and therefore perfectly complement any room design. It is important that they are cheap, and therefore everyone can afford to change the surface of the ceiling in this way.

It is not difficult to stick to the ceiling, it is not even necessary to have any experience for this, most likely only patience, because it is necessary to do everything smoothly. Any surface, it doesn’t matter whether it is concrete or gypsum, is suitable for gluing, and therefore there will be no problems with such a nuance.

In order to attach such plates to the surface of the ceiling, you can use a special glue that is sold in construction stores, ordinary PVA, especially if it has a high concentration, as well as liquid nails.

It’s good to walk on the ceiling with a primer before pasting, but this process is not mandatory. Glue you need to start from the center, that is, you can build on the central light, that is, chandeliers. This will allow you to carry out the pasting smoothly, without using the level.

With the help of such plates, you can hide the irregularities of the ceiling and at the same time behind almost a penny, change the appearance of the room!

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