4 errors of a novice trader: what should not be done

The reasons for the failure of the novice trader

On the Internet there is often an opinion that playing on the Forex exchange is a kind of gambling, that it is impossible to earn on it.

 However, there are many people for whom trade on Forex is the main source of income.

Obviously, novice traders make mistakes in work on Forex, which lead to the loss of capital and the formation of such decadent moods.

Beginners do not have enough experience. Trade in the Forex market, like any other business, you need to learn. Many are afraid to master the subtleties of trading by trial and error, and this is completely reasonable. After all, in the process of such training, you can lose a rather large amount of money. Therefore, it is better to study on a special demo account, the good that many brokers provide such an opportunity.